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Denene Rodney

CEO: Zebra Strategies

Denene Jonielle Rodney has always lived by the motto, "Be curious, but not judgmental". Perhaps this is the reason people feel so comfortable sharing their deeply held beliefs and opinions with her. To talk to Denene is to know that she can talk to anyone. She uses her warmth and humor to make those around her feel comfortable. When moderating, she creates a safe space for people to feel free to tell her almost anything about them. She has the unique ability to communicate with and understand those from every level of society, just as easily as she can with corporate executives. Curiosity may have killed the cat but in MS. RODNEY's case it gave birth to a zebra.

With almost two decades of experience to her name, DENENE, a RIVA-trained moderator, is the founder of the multidisciplinary, full-service qualitative & quantitative research company ZEBRA STRATEGIES, which specializes in research design, focus group moderating and recruiting. She created this company because she wanted to help everyone -- from multi-million-dollar corporations to individuals -- understand the differences in culture, ethnicity, and socio-economic experiences that create different lenses with which people see the world. Clients like Aetna, McCann Erikson, Saatchi & Saatchi, and the NYC departmental agencies have hired DENENE to conduct research using a myriad of methods including Focus Groups, Dyads, Triads, in-depth interviews, executive interviews, in-homes, shop-along, and ethnographies in an array of business sectors including Consumer, Business to Business, Pharmaceutical, Public Health, Non-for-Profit, Social/Political Issues, and Multi-Cultural/Ethnic research. 

DENENE has always been able to walk in someone else's shoes and easily grasp their perspective and outlook. She brings that same understanding to her work, designing unique research methods that capture nuances and subtleties that someone with a less diverse background might overlook. In fact, the very name of her company takes that into account. The ‘zebra’ in ZEBRA STRATEGIES was derived from something DENENE was told by a safari leader in Tanzania. “Zebras may all look the same, but every single zebra has an individual stripe pattern.” DENENE looks at peoples’ opinions and research like the zebras’ stripe patterns, they may look similar, but that is not the case. 

Although to some companies Black, White, Hispanic, poor, wealthy, old or young people might fit into a neat homogeneous group, they all have a unique perspective. DENENE takes pride in the fact that it's her job to not only acknowledge those differences but to use them to help companies make better business decisions. Just like zebras are constantly migrating, in search of new grazing lands, DENENE is constantly in search of new insights and directions in any project she undertakes.

MS. RODNEY holds a B.S. from Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Communications and an M.S. from New York University's School of Continuing Education. She is on the Board of Trustees of Monroe College where she served as an adjunct professor and strategic consultant. DENENE is a proud member of the following professional associations: American Marketing Association, Marketing Research Association, Qualitative Research Consultations Association, and Association of Trial Consultants. DENENE is a citizen of the world, bridging the gap between diverse groups, one day at a time.