Jamin Brazil

Jamin Brazil

Co-Founder & CEO: HubUx

Co-founder of Decipher & previous CEO of FocusVision, Jamin Brazil was the first to bring to market a combination of qual & quant tech that is used by 75% of the F-100.

Today, he is the co-founder of HubUX and the host of the Happy Market Research Podcast bringing you interviews from insights pros at LinkedIn, GoDaddy, General Mills, and many more.

You live once. Love the... 1. stuff you build, 2. the people you build it for, and 3. the team you build it with. Those 3 things are where Jamin dedicates all his effort. 

As the previous CEO of FocusVision, he was the first to bring to market a combination of qualitative and quantitative technologies that are used by 75% of the Fortune 100 and over 3,000 companies globally. Prior to FocusVision, he pioneered online surveys, conducting one of the first ones in 1996 and founded a top survey platform, Decipher, in 2000. Jamin started Happy Market Research to help companies use market research to 'generate outsized returns and growth' and offer free podcasts exploring the state of the MR industry.