Priscilla McKinney

Priscilla McKinney

CEO: Little Bird Marketing

I am the fifth of five girls. We traveled the world singing which involved matching dresses, puppet shows and a lot of road trips. Thirty four houses, three countries, five states, four high schools and a degree in Cultural Anthropology later, I've miraculously found my way into my most ideal place in the world - at the intersection of MARKETING, BUSINESS and MARKET RESEARCH. 

These early experiences made me curious about life, people, places, culture and the interconnectivity of it all. I'm totally intrigued by human behavior and our deep seated need to explain our often purely emotional decisions as logical. Asking the hard questions is interesting to me and it serves me well in as I seek to understand what makes people engage, why we buy what we buy and how we justify buying it. Whether a belief, a product or service, the human element must be understood for successful marketing. 

Whether as a mom, a community leader, podcast host or a boss, I'm compelled to inspire others to ask these hard questions, take risks and leave behind the status quo for the pursuit of the truth at the heart of each matter. 

P.S. Don't give me caffeine. I don't need it.