Sheriff Hues Hoss Mack of Baldwin County, Alabama, published an op-ed in the Baldwin Times on October 25 about the risks of an inaccurate 2020 Census. He explained that "public safety goes far beyond simply arresting people for committing crimes... and its a lot easier to achieve when we get the resources we deserve from the federal government."

He warned that Alabama is in danger of getting "shortchanged," since "about 15 percent of Alabama's population (more than 720,000 people)" reside in hard to count households. The 2020 headcount "will cost a lot of money, but we have to recognize how much taxpayer money will be wasted if the count is imprecise.”

The sheriff concluded: “Building on strong bipartisan support for an accurate count, Congress should ensure full funding for the 2020 Census right now as a crucial step toward using taxpayer dollars wisely to create stronger safer communities nationwide."