To the End of 2020 and On to 2021

There is no doubt that most people would like to see 2020 in the rearview mirror. And while it is tempting to simply say “adieu” and welcome 2021, as the outgoing President of the Northwest Chapter of the Insights Association, I think we need to take a look back at 2020 and agree that we have had a very good year and we have learned a lot that will likely lead to an even better 2021.

We started the year with a couple of well-attended events and a great board, and then COVID came along. It surprised us all, and like everyone, our Board members began wearing many, many hats—we were company owners making sure we would survive and thrive, we were employees making sure we kept our jobs and added real value to our employers, and we were suddenly all working from home and juggling families (including some very needy children and for some of us, dogs), making sure we had food (and toilet paper) in the house, and generally worrying about everyone’s health and safety. As if this wasn’t enough, we had civil unrest, real and relevant concerns about social justice and equality, wildfires coming way too close to home, and killer hornets.

We could have said, “Enough already! We can’t handle anything more.” But we didn’t. The NW Chapter Board stepped up to the challenge and had a banner year. We hosted a series of Talking Tuesdays which combined a mix of education and fun. At every event, I think we all can claim we met at least one new person. We then committed to and hosted our fall Future of Insights Summit. Over the course of four afternoons, we had panels representing industry leaders encouraging us to look forward to a better future, and workshops helping us come up with ideas to do just that. We had networking events and early evening Quarantinis where we again met new people and explored how we can learn and network differently in the future.

So, as the outgoing President, I think we can legitimately call 2020 a success. And yes, we probably all want it to be at an end. But it is also a year where we grew, and we learned, and we can take this growth and learning into the future. Which leads me to the end of this message. One of our great successes in 2020 and over the years is the commitment of our chapter members and some truly great volunteers. Meegan Thye will be the President of the chapter in 2021, and she is supported by a truly great board—many returning members and some new blood. Thank you all for voting and please join me in welcoming the new board!

  • President: Meegan Thye, FocusVision
  • President-Elect: Mary Ann Mendez, Independent
  • Immediate Past President: Becky Elmore-Yalch, ComEngage
  • Vice President: Greg Carter, Consumer Opinion Services
  • Treasurer: Brian Fowler, Brain Flower Services
  • Treasurer-Elect: Willem Maas, Growth Velocity
  • Secretary: Betsy Roberts, Toluna
  • Director-at-Large : Brian Dowdy, GfK
  • Director-at-Large : Amanda Durkee, Cognito
  • Director-at-Large : Linda Ward, Acosta
  • Advisor: Tobin Bailey, Full Circle Research
  • Advisor: Scott Laing, Deckchair Data
  • Advisor: Chris Robson, Deckchair Data

Looking ahead to 2021 it will clearly be a year of transition as we move back to some kind of new normal. Meegan and the board will certainly experience challenges and opportunities. It’s going to be another great year, and I am sure I am speaking for everyone when we say,  “GOODBYE 2020, HELLO 2021!”