Continuing into FY19, our advocacy for Census funding pays off with surprisingly increased support from Congress.

On May 9, the House CJS Appropriations Subcommittee approved legislation with $4.779 billion for the Census Bureau in Fiscal Year (FY) 2019, slightly more than the Insights Association had been requesting. Then, the full House Appropriations Committee approved the same funding level in a meeting on May 17.

As explained in a letter we led from the U.S. business community last week, “the original White House request for the Census Bureau was $3.8 billion in FY 2019, $460 million below Secretary Wilbur Ross’ revised cost estimate ($4.26 billion) and $933 million short of what the Census stakeholder community contends we need ($4.735 billion).”

We also urged all committee members to maintain that number from subcommittee to full committee and oppose any amendments that could divert funding.

Repbulicans and Democrats at both the subcommittee and full committee meetings had positive comments about support for the decennial headcount, and this may have been the first time in nearly a decade that no one offered amendments to take away Census funding for other purposes.

Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY-15) also offered an amendment to limit any funding towards the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 Census questionnaire, but after vigorous debate, it failed by voice vote.

The Insights Association, the leading nonprofit association representing the marketing research and data analytics industry, supports Census funding because our members cannot conduct any statistically representative research studies in the U.S. without accurate 2020 Census and American Community Survey (ACS) data.