We recently sat down with Tim Kunkel, IPC, Senior Market Research Client Solutions at Suzy, to talk about why he pursued the Insights Professional Certification through IA, and what the credential means to him.

Tell us why you decided to pursue the IPC.
I chose to obtain the IPC Master credential as much for the 'certification' itself as the journey to earn it. I wanted a way to demonstrate to clients, employers (past, current & future), and to myself that I have advanced MR knowledge, industry experience, and the dedication to professional standards. 

The path I took was a self-imposed requirement to complete the Principles of Market Research program from the University of Georgia / MRII combined with my 10+ years in the industry. The Principles course sharpened my skills and increased my knowledge. Completing both the Principles and IPC Master certifications was empowering and shows that I'm in control of my career.

In what ways do you share that you have attained your IPC?
I'm really quite proud of my IPC Master credential and what it means. So, of course, I've posted about it, I've added the professional suffix ", IPC" to my name on LinkedIn, my resume, and email signature. I've also added a hyperlinked IPC Master logo to my email signature that leads to the Insights Association page on certifications.

How does the IPC credential benefit you and your career?
The day-to-day benefit, IPC shows my clients that I can have an elevated conversation with them and provide guidance based on a commitment to standards and the highest ethics. For my career, IPC is a distinction that has opened doors to more offers and a differentiator from other candidates. 

What would you tell a colleague who is considering pursuing their IPC?
Do it. Regardless of the reasons or the path chosen to obtain IPC, you will learn more about the Insights industry and about yourself in the process. It's a win / win.