Continuing its efforts to deliver unmatched validation and quality to their political and public policy clients, Full Circle has announced the integration of SmartMatch and Voter Registration Check API into its proprietary HoNoR (Holistic Next-Level Research™) respondent validation service. Both products are from TargetSmart, the nation’s premier voter data and targeting firm, and are key to providing actionable voter insights.

“Our polling clients trust that our respondents are likely to participate in their desired election,” said Adam Weinstein, co-CEO of Full Circle. “It’s simple really: By adding TargetSmart’s advanced match-back solutions to our robust quality initiative, we increase our ability to validate our double opt-in panel as eligible and registered to vote. These products support our mission to deliver a more accurate picture of who is voting, how and why.”

SmartMatch automatically determines a set of matching strategies based on the data found in Full Circle’s input files. Voter Registration Check API confirms if a voter is registered at a given address. Both processes deliver a level of certainty to Full Circle’s clients uniquely necessary to political and polling work, and build upon the company’s automated strategies to achieve the highest quality sample in the industry. Beyond these new platforms, Full Circle also employs census balanced by start stratification plans, which increases data accuracy, and internal social network capabilities, which allows the company to reach targeted groups in larger numbers than its competitors.

“The Full Circle integration is an exciting partnership as both our companies share a commitment to innovation and best-in-class industry practices,” said Tom Bonier, CEO of TargetSmart. “The quality and breadth of TargetSmart’s voter and contact data ensure accuracy in products like Full Circle’s and across progressive data and tech industries.”