RealityMine has announced a new set of capabilities for clients in financial services. RealityMine’s financial services solution enables researchers to better understand consumer behavioural data as it relates to financial services across online across mobile, tablet and PC.

This includes:
• Where a target audience spends time online and what sites they visit
• What finance apps they have and use, as well as when and how often
• Search history, including what search terms they use when looking for information regarding bank accounts, loans, credit cards and mortgages.

RealityMine also recently announced a partnership with Rippll, the transaction measurement services provider. “FinTech is more important than ever with contactless and digital payments booming as a result of the pandemic. We are committed to continually expanding our capabilities to further empower our clients to truly understand the mobile, connected consumer in today’s world,” said Alex Sunnerstam, SVP Data Solutions & Partnerships