RealityMine has announced a new qualitative license program specifically for brands and researchers who wish to build innovative research approaches and offer digital engagements programs.

RealityMine’s Qualitative License offers agencies and their clients the true picture of the real digital consumer and their lives. The data reveals their digital activities and reports on real-life behavior of opted-in respondents across web, mobile app, tablet, and PC platforms including web and app visits, streaming video, social media usage, YouTube and audio usage.

“Passive metering is the perfect complement to qualitative research. It enables researchers to accurately record the actual digital life of a consumer at a granular, individual level. The data, free from potential recall inaccuracies, gives a unique context to the respondent behaviors, attitudes, lifestyles and habits. So, what do they really do online? RealityMine’s passive metering can take discussions to a new level, feed into new ideas and draw out the 360 profile of the qualitative respondent,” said Alex Sunnerstam, SVP Data Solutions & Partnerships.